3-week professional training: 15 Jan – 5 Feb 2022

Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing is a holistic, intuitive breathing technique that was developed 1974 by Leonard Orr in the U.S.A. It is one of the methods of self-discovery that has found considerable attention in recent decades.

Our goal is to find our inner Self and center. Rebirthing is a breathing technique in which you make direct contact with your divine life energy. The power and energy of your own breath can heal you on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level.

It is a holistic, intuitive form of breathing in which inhalation and exhalation are continuously connected and thus creating a deeper relaxation. Rebirthing is also referred to as “connected breathing” or “conscious connected breathing”. Breathing puts you directly in touch with all your emotions and feelings, especially when they are unprocessed or perhaps pushed away, allowing you to process and eventually release them.

Actually, rebirthing is so much more than just a simple breathing technique. This form of breathwork consists of three pillars: connected breathing (breathing itself), spiritual psychology (including mindset, creative power and trauma release), and spiritual purification with the elements of water, fire, earth, air and spirit (energy).

In this 3-week professional training you will learn all about it. The training is brought to you by Heike Strombach (who has over 29 years of experience in Rebirthing Breathwork, working together with its founder Leonard Orr) and Dorien Blaauw.

The training is packed with interesting seminars as well as giving and receiving breathwork sessions yourself. After this training you can decide to become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator by successfully guiding 3 people through 10 sessions and you will receive 6 months of supervision.

Levels I, II and III

The depth of the breath

Level I: Basic Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification Training

Enhances your personal development and growth, to create more abundance, self love and happiness in your life and use the art of Rebirthing. Level 1 is aimed for all people who want to:

  • live a happier, healthier and more authentic life;
  • develop perfect self-acceptance and self-love;
  • lead true, fulfilling and trusting loving relationships;
  • live in abundance at all levels: financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually;
  • dissolve breathing blockades and once again want to breathe deeply and fully;
  • recognize and resolve limiting beliefs.

Level II: Breath mastery

To help you build your professional success, to realize your dreams and goals, and to learn more skills to be a good Rebirther. Level 2 is aimed at all people who have already completed level 1 and:

  • want to deepen their own process
    want to more successfully build their clientele;
  • want to accompany other people through the Rebirthing process;
  • are already working as a coach, therapist, trainer or consultant and would like to better understand the concerns of their clients and accompany them even more effectively;
  • are in a leadership position and want to motivate with more clarity, authenticity and with sensitive purposefulness;
  • are working as a midwife and want to accompany the pregnancy and birth process even better by integrating their own birth experience.

Level III: Communication & Leadership

Designed to enhance your communication skills, reflect your life through nonviolent communication and to create support and spiritual community and become a leader in your field. Level 3 is aimed at all people who have already completed level 2 and want to:

  • clarify accumulated questions from the level 1 & 2 on the basis of the “non-violent communication” in the depth;
  • complete the training levels and start their career as a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator;
  • spend a wonderful time with authentic and open people in order to unfold their full potential.

your breath is your medicine

Why this training?

To use the breath in your personal life for your own inner healing and joy; to become a professional breathing guide & teacher, and to accompany a woman during pregnancy and childbirth for pregnant women, partners and professionals. 

In these trainings we use conscious energy breathing and spiritual purification with earth, fire, air and water – the physical aspects of the universal power – as well as the power of our thoughts to make our lives even more successful. Loving community supports our experience.

Heike Strombach has been steadily and reliably pursuing this path of self-experience and spiritual growth with the 4 elements for 28 years. Every training is always new and exciting.

Rebirthing is intuitive, connected and gentle breathing. The feeling of self-love, creativity, healing and inner peace is the result of a breathing session. These trainings are the cornerstone for a well-founded Rebirthing training, which was completed by many successful Rebirthers. It connects us with our intuition, love and our natural divinity. The techniques with the four elements heal and purify our energy body, and help every good Rebirther to increase his/her personal radiance, and is helpful to all spiritual seekers.

Program starts on Saturday: energetic cleansing with the 5 elements / Rebirthing breathing sessions in groups of three / sharing session & seminar on the mind and body mastery.

Many seminars are planned during the course. The personal experience and awareness of the healing effects of earth, fire, air and water, as Leonard Orr has learned from the immortal yogis in India, is an important focus. Seminar topics: on creative thinking, health and physical immortality, money and prosperity, responsible politics, successful self-employment, nonviolent communication and much more are based on the personal needs of the individual participants. Participation in Aarati (singing of mantras) is possible.

training content 

What you will learn


  • Introduction to Connected Breathing created by Leonard Orr
  • The physiology of the breath & why conscious breathing can make you happier
  • Breath-instructions and breath-awareness
  • How the birth experience affects relationships & the our whole life
  • The Owners manual

Mind mastery

  • How to get rid of negative beliefs and make the mind your best friend
  • Introduction to spiritual psychology after Leonard Orr: the 15 Biggies
  • The personal law: destructive beliefs about ourselves
  • How our subconscious shapes our reality
  • The key to happiness & abundance

Spiritual Purification

  • How to use the power of the elements for spiritual purification
  • Air: special breathing exercises
  • Earth: Diet, Fasting & Exercise
  • Water: cold water rebirthing in the lake
  • Fire: Campfire & other possibilities
  • Ether: Energywork based on Reiki & Pranic Healing

Forgiveness, self-love and gratitude

  • How old injuries can help us get into shape
  • Inner Child work
  • Residual pain from birth, childhood & adolescence
  • Self-love: the foundation for happy relationships
  • Body awareness – breathing in front of the mirror

Becoming a breath-guide

  • How to professionally accompany Rebirthing Sessions
  • Ethics of a Rebirther
  • The energy cycle and what you should be aware of
  • Phenomenon during a breathing session and how to handle it
  • Breath awareness
  • Development of intuition and self-confidence in accompanying breathing sessions

The Prosperity Seminar

  • What is my life’s task and mission?
  • How to increase your happiness in all areas of your life
  • Poverty mind vs. Prosperity consciousness
  • How to build a full clientele within 30 days (no matter what!)

Happiness, Health and physical immortality

  • How to break free from collective beliefs about sickness and death and keep your body young, vital and healthy
  • Physical immortality: mistaken belief or health promoting philosophy?

Flourishing relationships

  • Non-violent communication skills
  • The cure of guilt, shame, anger and rage
  • What drives revenge?
  • Trauma healing and senility
  • Family Constellation
  • Warm water Rebirthing

Leadership training

  • How to become a successful Rebirther
  • Qualities of a leader
  • Giving lectures
  • Building community
  • Organizing seminars

After completion of Level 1-2…

  • We’re deepening understanding of level I & II
  • You will learn to support the birthing process and how to rebirth children
  • You will learn and experience warm and cold water Rebirthing
  • Certification will happen after successfully guiding 3 clients through 10 sessions

The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness.

– Leonard Orr, founding father of Rebirthing 

Who you’ll learn from


Heike Strombach, Rebirthing Breathwork Master

Heike Strombach, Rebirthing Breathwork Master

From 1991 till his death, Heike was a close associate, friend and student of Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork. She has traveled the world for 9-day and 21-day Rebirthing Breathwork trainings for more than 28 years.

Heike owns a fulltime Rebirthing Breathwork center in Wipperfürth, where she receives clients for Breathwork sessions and organizes regular events, such as the basic 9-day and 3-week professional trainings.

Dorien Blaauw, Rebirthing Breathwork Master

Dorien Blaauw, Rebirthing Breathwork Master

Dorien was trained and certified by Heike in januari 2020, shortly after she received a clear message from her higher self in her first Rebirthing session. Since then, she has successfully guided over 30 people through transformative 10-session journeys.

Dorien also created an online course on the basics of breathwork, including many (breathing) exercises, to make breathwork accessible for the larger public.

dates, pricing & location


Next dates: January 15th – February 5th 2022

Where: Gulpen, The Netherlands

This training taught in the English language.

Pricing: €3000 excl. VAT for the 3-week professional training,
plus €1200 (private bedroom, incl. VAT) or €800 (shared bedroom, including VAT) for accommodation and meals.

Application: You will have had a minimum of 3 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions with a
certificed Rebirther and you will have an online intake with Dorien Blaauw and/or Heike Strombach


Dorien Blaauw
Chamber of Commerce: 67984789


E-mail: hi[at]dorienblaauw.com
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