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“During a coaching session with Dorien you learn to listen to your intuition and your feelings. You learn to put your ego aside and let your heart speak to be able to fully rely on your own strength. If needed, Dorien holds up a mirror so you can be confronted with yourself. Her calming, but also sparkling personality is a golden combination. Her personality makes you feel right at home. Dorien is much like a big sister or best friend. You can say anything to her and she sincerely listens to your story, without any judgement. She lets you make your own choices but definitely is not afraid to be clear, honest and critical so you can become the best version of yourself. This coaching session made me stronger in every way possible. I learned to put myself in the first place, to trust myself and to truly listen to myself. Because of this, I now know what my passions are and what my next steps are. With Dorien as your coach, you can really take the necessary steps to move into the direction you desire.”