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I strongly believe in an overly abundant world in which everyone can take their own place and let their light shine completely and thoroughly. Everyone here on earth fulfills a unique and important role. There is a reason why we are here now. Perhaps your role in this live is crystal clear and you just long for some a concrete plan of action and an extra push in the right direction, or perhaps you have no idea and you long for clarity and a sense of direction. Once you know, you will be extremely powerful and determined. Once you know your blueprint and say yes to your path and place, you give the universe permission to help you. You will realize that everything in your life and everything that you do will flow much easier.

Please note that most of these free goodies are available in Dutch only. I am currently working on translating them, so please come back later if the tool you wish is not available just yet!


Blueprint Template

This is a valuable tool (only in Dutch!) for overview and insight, gratitude and concrete steps. In my Journeys I often work with the Wheel of Life. This states that there are 8 areas in your life that are all of great importance to your ultimate level of happiness and satisfaction. This is step 1: how are you doing.

Because it is too easy to forget and see the complete picture if only one of the areas in your life is not going well. If things run less smoothly in your family, you sometimes forget how well things are going in the field of finance or business. Or the other way around.

And if you want to create a you, and your life, to your ideal image, you want more than just insight. What else would you like to create? What would you like to improve? And you shouldn’t start with what you want to have (more time, more money, more …), but with who you would be, would you already have it. That’s step 2.

Enjoy working with this template!


Meditation & breathwork exercise

This is a meditation & breathing exercise that you can do any time of the day, to (re)connect with your essence.

What does this meditation bring you?

  • You increase your overall awareness and you become more aware of your breathing.
  • You are more in touch with your creative power and attract positive things in your life.
  • The breathing technique improves your energy flow and that ensures that energy blockages disappear.
  • You feel more relaxed and centered during the day and experience more peace of mind.


My library

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