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everyone has a unique role

Take your place

I strongly believe in an overly abundant world in which everyone can take their own place and let their light shine completely and thoroughly. Everyone here on earth fulfills a unique and important role. There is a reason why we are here now. Perhaps your role in this live is crystal clear and you just long for some a concrete plan of action and an extra push in the right direction, or perhaps you have no idea and you long for clarity and a sense of direction. Once you know, you will be extremely powerful and determined. Once you know your blueprint and say yes to your path and place, you give the universe permission to help you. You will realize that everything in your life and everything that you do will flow much easier.

who am I?

About Dorien Blaauw

My name is Dorien Blaauw. My personality can be characterized by my openness, empathy, and loving kindness. I have a zest for life, energy and enthusiasm. I am determined, decisive, entrepreneurial and I have a strong sense of direction.

As a coach and rebirther / breathworker, I help conscious beings and entrepreneurs like you with their journey inside, to their unique blueprint. I see your potential and light, and I help you to connect, feel, trust, discover and clarify in order to translate this into small (but big) and courageous moves. I am absolutely trust and believe in the following: from a real connection everything happens so much faster, easier and with additional flow!

I dream of a world in which everyone can take their own place; dares to live up to his or her greatness, instead of hiding behind the mind, musts and pleasing.

I am a certified Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator after following an intensive training with Heike Strombach (Rebirth International). She has worked with the founding father of Rebirthing Breathwork – Leonard Orr – and is one of the five master rebirthers worldwide. 

my story

A Journey Inward

I experienced what it is like to forget and (unconsciously) ignore parts of yourself, your heart and your soul. Especially when you feel stuck on a certain path, in your life or in your business, because ‘this should be it’, right?! I went and dived all-in when I started by own coaching business in 2017. Even after I had experienced in the past how easy it is to run ahead of yourself (I suffered from a major burn-out at the age of 21 which was followed by a long-term depression), I felt like I was heading there again. I had combined my coaching business with another talent of mine – website development. I was good at my job and became successful quite quickly. With my enthusiasm and energy, I ended up being completely stuck because I was running ahead of myself. By the end of 2019, I had built two successful companies, a team, my own office and a profit that I only dreamt of earlier that year. I wanted more, I wanted it faster, and better. I ended up losing the connection with my heart & soul, and what I truly wanted, deep down inside of me.

I made a confrontational but beautiful eye-opening journey within myself (and in Bali, where I came into contact with Rebirthing Breathwork, and decided to once and for all make a true connection with my heart and soul.

I decided to say goodbye to living and entrepreneurship from within the head (due to fear and hard work) and decided once and for all to put my heart and soul into it. I reconnected with my own feminine energy, and additionally stayed in touch with my healthy masculine energy in order to be able to take clear steps and take control.

This was followed by another process: I needed to make a few important decisions.

I decided to quit all things that no longer fulfilled me. Since coaching had always been a part in my life, I focused my energy back on coaching again. With that decision, I decided to give my own spirituality a chance and a solid place in my life and work. I closed old (trusted) doors in order to be able to open new ones.

This is what happens when you decide to live from the heart and soul only. By going through this process, I received something so purely magical in return and I additionally realized that this is something that I want and desire for everyone.

what do i stand for?

My truth


with yourself, your heart & soul, the universe/spirit/source or whatever you name it.

Discovery & growth

Dis-cover. Back to the core, with an open mind. From there clarity and direction can be established.

Trust, courage & gut

Trust yourself; know that you are being guided by something that is much bigger than yourself and be courageous to give in to that power. Trust between you and me as a powerful fundamental base for our collaboration.

Development & challenge

To take steps from your essence, to start moving, growing in order to become who you truly are. Embracing your fullest potential.


Contribute to something bigger. Fulfill your role here on Earth and make an impact.

Shall we shift together?

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