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transforming stories

Ready to shift?

Do you feel a strong desire to transform things in your life? A desire to return to your true essence and start moving forward from there again. I can help you during your transformation.

A transformation that takes you from being driven by the hard-working male energy within you, to the soft, feminine energy inside of you. To more flow.

… from mind & (over)thinking, controlling, pushing, striving, hard-working, back to the to heart & soul, feeling, letting go, surrendering, trusting and becoming fascinated by the higher power with which we are all connected. A power that always has a better plan for us and a power that you can always rely on.

… From focusing on what happens on the outside, pleasing and meeting other peoples desires, to following your own intuition, daring to focus on what happens on the inside, and doing what you really want to do from deep down inside of you. Even if this makes you feel scared at first.

And – of course – by making courageous choices. In following your heart. When you step into the light and use your fullest potential. This is exactly the way in which I hope to inspire more people to do the same. Only then we can all spread the light.


Join the Journeys

Personal Blueprint Discovery Journey

Do you have a strong desire to discover who you essentially are? During this journey you learn to (re-)connect with who you truly are, your full potential and what you truly want. Once your return to your heart, and dis-cover, you can start to make some powerful impact moves.

  • Extensive intake session
  • A minimum of three intensive 3 hour coaching sessions (online or offline)*
  • An online area and community where you can work on your blueprint
  • WhatsApp coaching through voice messages during the entire process
  • 1 breathwork session

From €1850,- ex. VAT**

Business Blueprint Discovery & Creation Journey

Do you want to be (re-)inspired in your business and share your greatness, potential and light with the world? This journey will take you back to the heart of your business. From there we are able to find clarity and establish a direction that will lead to an even greater impact.

  • Extensive intake session
  • A minimum of three intensive 3 hour coaching sessions (offline or online)*
  • An online area and community where you can work on your blueprint
  • WhatsApp coaching through voice messages during the entire process
  • Interim check-in & implementation calls (online)
  • 1 breathwork session
  • Optional extension: creation journey, in which I look at your output and communication tools (including website) together with you, and offer my guidance.

From 2250,- ex. VAT**

*All my trajectories are tailor-made. I don’t believe in predetermined trajectories, shapes, or exercises. You are unique, your path is unique, so you deserve coaching and guidance that is focused on you. The details of the trajectory depend on our intake session.

** All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. Are you not an entrepreneur? Please contact me.

what you can expect from me

This is what you’ll get

I encourage you, activate you, stimulate you, take you along in my fast energy and enthusiasm, and help you increase your (self) confidence so that you can continue in a better flow and deeper connection with what you are supposed to be doing here!

When we work together, you will experience that I tune into you and your energy fully. That I give you everything I believe is valuable and useful to you. That I give honest feedback about everything I experience, feel and receive from and with you. That I confront and mirror you in a loving approach, so that you can truly shift. That we go back to the heart and then align the rest of your life and / or business from there. That you can benefit from my speed and decisiveness in taking action and doing business from alignment, and that this actually helps you grow. We’re a team. I am there for you, even if I am not physically with you. I make this process light and clear for you so that you can see and know clearly again.

Shall we shift together?

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What clients say

Insight & Action

“First of all: working with Dorien is a lot of fun! Besides this, it is also very useful: she knows how to approach questions from different perspectives. She encourages you to actually do something different and you return home with many new insights. She can translate big dreams into a concrete plan of action. She is also very inspiring because she lives her own vision: practice what you preach!”

“Great for some mental support”

“Dorien is truly a very unique coach. With a comforting approach, she confronts you with your habits, assumptions and beliefs. She helps you to discover what is truly important for you by using a functional approach (relationship, health, work, friends, etc. are discussed). Because of this approach you start to think for yourself and can make a plan of action, in which she gives the final push. She isn’t afraid to ask questions, to respond to your feelings and she gives practical tips that really help you. Honest, warm, open and critical: in my opinion the best combination for a great coach”

I learned to follow my intuition

“During a coaching session with Dorien you learn to listen to your intuition and your feelings. You learn to put your ego aside and let your heart speak to be able to fully rely on your own strength. If needed, Dorien holds up a mirror so you can be confronted with yourself. Her calming, but also sparkling personality is a golden combination. Her personality makes you feel right at home. Dorien is much like a big sister or best friend. You can say anything to her and she sincerely listens to your story, without any judgement. She lets you make your own choices but definitely is not afraid to be clear, honest and critical so you can become the best version of yourself. This coaching session made me stronger in every way possible. I learned to put myself in the first place, to trust myself and to truly listen to myself. Because of this, I now know what my passions are and what my next steps are. With Dorien as your coach, you can really take the necessary steps to move into the direction you desire.”


Dorien Blaauw
Chamber of Commerce: 67984789


E-mail: hi[at]
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