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breathing fully = living fully

Rebirthing Breathwork

Breathwork. Perhaps you have heard about it before. For instance when practicing yoga. There are many different forms and techniques that emphasize the power of the breath.

Rebirthing is a breathing technique in which you make direct contact with your divine life energy. The power and energy of your own breath can heal you on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. It is a holistic, intuitive form of breathing in which inhalation and exhalation are continuously connected and thus creating a deeper relaxation. Rebirthing is also referred to as “connected breathing” or “conscious connected breathing”. Breathing puts you directly in touch with all your emotions and feelings, especially when they are unprocessed or perhaps pushed away, allowing you to process and eventually release them.

Actually, rebirthing is so much more than just a simple breathing technique. This form of breathwork consists of three pillars: connected breathing (breathing itself), spiritual psychology (including mindset, creative power and trauma release), and spiritual purification with the elements of water, fire, earth, air and spirit (energy).


Breathe with me.

3-week professional training

In Sept/Oct 2022 and Feb/Mar 2023, Heike Strombach (who has over 30 years of Rebirthing Breathwork experience) and I will organize another 3-week professional training. This is the exact training I enjoyed to become a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator. You will learn everything about the breath, spiritual psychology and spiritual purification. Even when you wouldn’t want to give breathwork sessions, this is a very profound training that will help you in your journey of personal and spiritual growth.

An introduction to Breathwork

  • A single rebirthing breathwork session of approximately 2 to 2,5 hours.
  • Including coaching to help you progress the insights that you gained from your breathwork session.
  • €397 incl. VAT
  • Currently fully booked until July 2022

Full journey = big shifts

Rebirthing is a process of personal development. You can think of it as peeling a union. During each session you gain more trust, more insights, and you examine a deeper personal layer. A 10- session journey is advised to help you implement your experiences and insights and bring about a lasting positive change in your life. After 10 sessions, most blockages have been relieved and you have learned to master the technique thoroughly to be able to apply it when needed by yourself at home.

  • 3-month intensive one-on-one journey
  • 10 sessions of 2,5 hour each
  • coaching & guidance during and after sessions through WhatsApp

your breath is your medicine

Why breathwork works

Your breath has been with you all your life From the moment you arrived here on Earth until the moment you leave. Breathing is living. The way in which we tend to breathe says a lot about us. When you are scared or startled, you tend to hold your breath. When you are angry, you tend to breathe faster. Essentially, the breath is connected to our feelings and we control our feelings with it. We cannot release any emotions or feelings that we have previously controlled or suppressed. With rebirthing we can break the breathing pattern and thus any blockages, repressed emotions or patterns that no longer serve us. By “learning” to breath, we learn to live freely, fully and effortlessly.

During a breathwork session you connect with the energy flow in your body. Since you breathe energy into your body, you can experience a variety of emotions, beliefs (ideas or thoughts), memories, images and sensations. Sometimes you can relive experiences from your current life or past lives by connecting with your subconscious mind. This energy, combined with the deep relaxation that the breathwork brings, blockages and unresolved sadness or fear appear to the surface and can be processed. This essentially provides healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The result is a deep connection with love, trust, your true essence, your soul and inspiration. Fundamentally, rebirthing brings you into direct contact with your spirituality, your emotions, your thoughts and your body.



Breaking through boundaries

Sharona Bolander

“I decided to do rebirthing sessions (the full journey), because I strongly felt that I was not living up to my full potential yet. Since, a lot has changes in my life during the past few years and I have made great steps in my business. I can now let go of old beliefs much easier. The breathing sessions are intense, but also very beautiful. Dorien combines breathwork together with coaching, so besides the beautiful insights that breathwork brought me, Dorien also helps to change your actual behavior. After two sessions, I already felt that I was moving through my week at a much more relaxed and lighter pace. The days after my first session, I felt a confidence and peace that I had never experienced before. This is an absolute must!”

Releasing emotions & gaining insight

Simone Plukkel

“I wanted to experience a rebirthing breathwork session and I just felt like this was the right time. I didn’t have any struggle in day to day life, but I realised that there was a lot of old grief that I somehow couldn’t release on a conscious level. My session was intense, super worthy and nice. I now know that this was so needed for me to release all the stored emotions! It has also provided me with insight into my patterns; I know where they come from now, why I do what I do or think what I think. This makes it easier for me to realise what happens. Time flew during the session and Dorien was the best guide that I could imagine. I loved how she helped me through my resistance and how she was holding space and sometimes asking the right things. I can’t wait for my next session!”

Not just knowing, but feeling it

Steffie van den Dries

“Wow, wow, wow! I am not the type of person that usually advices other people to do or buy something, but honestly, everyone should try this. I have now completed 2 breathing sessions with Dorien and to be honest I have done quite a few things in my life; therapy, psychedelics including ayahuasca, coaching and much more, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. In my second session I truly found my essence. Not just the idea or thought that I am good enough, but I really felt in every pore of my body.
The first session was very intense and painful, my body went completely into cramps and I became resistant. I ran into my “perfectionist”. Something inside of me that is trying so hard because it is never good enough. In the second session, I realized how I myself had created that belief and I dealt with it and took it to a place where I felt good enough. I felt an intense warm and pleasant feeling in my stomach (which used to be tied because of fear) and then my entire body started to tingle. Not with cramps, but a feeling of bliss. Tears flowed and an intense feeling of happiness came from my essence: I am good enough. I came into this world and I can be here completely. I can take my own place, without doing my best, but just by being, being me.

10 kilos lighter

Vera Peters

“Wow… What an incredible journey I embarked on during and after my 1st breathwork session. It felt as if I had an overflowing bucket that I needed to empty, and I did! I felt super relieved and 10 kilos lighter. This was even more special than anything else I tried before. I feel really good!”

Insight into patterns

Romy Nijkamp

“I always see life as one big journey of discovery. I like to experiment and get to know myself better. Therefore, I gifted myself a Rebirthing Breathwork session with Dorien. It was the best gift! Before the session started, I felt a comforting tension and deep curiosity. Time flew by quickly and I experienced the session as something very valuable. The outcome was a clear insight into two of my patterns. I can now start to work on them.
I really enjoyed the guidance during the session with Dorien. Dorien is a calm, sweet and intuitive woman who feels exactly what you need and can thus support you where needed during the session. Thank you dear Dorien.”

Enlightenment, trust, relieve and safety

Rukshana Mohabbat

“I found it very pleasant and interesting to undergo a breathwork session. The session made me feel how much you can do with breathing; that you can hit such deep layers and then find a feeling of enlightenment, confidence, relief and security. I think Dorien really has a nice energy as a guide. She shares love and passion, she radiates peace and energy and has put me at ease.”

Many things released

Emma Bauling

“Yes! I can breathe again! It is so beautiful to experience that something so common and logical, actually isn’t. After my session with Dorien I became much more conscious about my breathing. Many things released. Emotions that I’ve pushed away for ages, feelings, bodily sensations. Dorien guided me through the process in a very loving way, which made me feel supported and safe. Right now, I realize that it is easier for me to breathe fully. And I am much more aware of my energy flow. I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you dear Dorien! You are amazing.”

frequently asked questions

Anything you want to know

What does a rebirthing breathwork session look like?

During a rebirthing session you lie down comfortably on your back and I sit next to you to be able to guide you and facilitate your session. After our introductory talk you will start to apply the technique. During a rebirthing session you move through different phases, including resistance, flow, and release, in combination with a deep relaxation that is experienced by many as a sensation of bliss, inspiration, happiness, gratitude, etc. After the breathing session, there is still room for coaching / discussion and together we think about the steps you can take to continue this process from home.

Rebirthing breathwork can also be done in warm water, mimicking the warmth of the uterus, which helps to process deeply rooted memories or birth traumas. Rebirthing can also be done in cold water, which will put you in touch with your fears, among other things. Both effects are usually also achieved during a “dry” session.

Is this something for me?

Got triggered? Do you experience any curiosity for breathwork? This might be your call.

Perhaps you are someone who already did a lot in the field of self-development and spirituality comes easily to you. You enjoy trying new things, and you especially enjoy trying things that help you make the big jump forward, a jump that will take you to the next level.

Perhaps there are certain patterns that keep you from moving forward in your business; certain thoughts you keep running into or something else that bothers you, but you can’t quite grasp what it is exactly. Breathwork can help you with that.

What is the breathwork facilitators job during a session?
I am there to facilitate and guide your breathing process. I furthermore create a safe and familiar space for you. Above all, the energy does most of the job. I am present to coordinate and help you in your process. During the sessions, I guide you through any resistance, fear or emotion. After the session we discuss your process and I give you the tools and insights to help you and that you can apply on a daily basis.
How is rebirthing connected with pregnancy and/or giving birth?
Rebirthing is not necessarily a way to relive your birth, even though the name might suggest otherwise. It is often said that your birth experience is your first trauma. Rebirthing is a technique that helps you process experiences, emotions and feelings that have been repressed. It is true that during a rebirthing session you can relive (parts of) your birth. However, while in practice it is much more common that the most urgent blockages present themselves first.

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