Allowing and inviting whatever is here-now. Embracing our inner wisdom, dark and light. Rebirthing into all of you and owning it fully. That is Embodied Truth.

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ALLOW / 2 day retreat

Being here. Turning inwards. Coming home to yourself and welcoming all of you in.

During this 2-day live gathering and retreat we will work with our own breath, our inner child, and deeply feeling into our body. Allowing all to just be and finding peace within. Dropping the resistance and find a soft and gentle acceptance towards ourselves. Observing life to move through us, like our very own breath. Being present with all emotions, sensations, thoughts and everything we experience as human beings. To create space within, and embrace all that is alive within, with love and acceptance that it – that you – always longed for.

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embodied truth / 6 month mentoring container

When you know that you can’t do life (or business) from the mind or ego any longer, you’re done positive thinking and visualizing andyour way through life and trying to come up with ‘smart strategies’ to create a life that’s flowing and fulfilling. Embodied truth is not about my truth or adding anything to your skillset or toolbox, it won’t teach you the most strategic ways to go about business or life. Embodied truth is an invitation to find your own inner truth. To turn inwards, your own inner wisdom – to OWN it, and to turn to your own body and listen to its whispers. To embrace fully whatever life offers you on your unique path. Trusting what’s within, so you can live from your truth and if you wish, help others find theirs through what you’re offering from that place of embodied truth.

This container starts in September 2023 and offers space for 6 women. Join the waitlist here.

your breath, your medicine / online course

Learn about rebirthing breathwork as a modality and tool for your own self-healing. Your Breath, Your Medicine is an online course (in Dutch) which provides 8 modules about the breath, spiritual psychology and purification with the elements of water, fire, earth and air. With breathwork practices and meditations. (Note: this is not a facilitator course and it does not teach you to guide clients through breathwork sessions, the goal of YBYM is to learn to work with your own breath as a self-healing tool)

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1:1 breathwork journeys and sessions

If you want to work with me in 1:1 breathwork sessions, schedule a free intake. Please know that there is no availability until September 2023. I can match you with one of the rebirthers that I’ve trained over the past two years.

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Schedule a free intake here if you’re curious about working together. If you have any other questions, please leave a message.


Dorien Blaauw

I used to be the busy one, continuously ‘on the move’ and chasing her dreams. Always rushing to the next thing and wanting to be ’there’ where I could say that ‘it worked out’ and ‘I made it’. Little did I know I subconsciously wanted to get away from the restlessness, the emptiness, the discomfort. Feelings of not being worthy and having to prove myself. DOING. It seemed easier than ‘just being here’.

Until I found rebirthing breathwork and learned how working with the breath helped me to deeply feel. My breath and my body invited to fully surrender to what is here-now. And then I could really come home: holding myself lovingly through all that is present.

If my clients and loved ones were to describe me, they would highlight my openness, loving kindness, non-judgement, my presence and empathy. Not afraid of the dark and always being very straight-forward and honest.

The breath is my greatest teacher: it invites me to be here. To allow all that is present in my experience. To fully embrace being human. To feel deeply. And to rebirth into the most wholesome, divine version of myself.

As a mentor, breathwork guide & trainer, inner child therapist, somatics and trauma-integration enthousiast, I walk right next to you on your inner journey. Allowing, embracing, rebirthing: acknowledging everything you have been and what lies in front of you, and taking up your space completely. I see your potential and light, and I help you connect, feel, trust, discover and clarify – very important – to from there to step into ALL OF YOU.

Love, Dorien


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